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Monday, 27 February 2017

Cendol Durian

Cendol is originally from Indonesia. In the Indonesian dictionary, it describes cendol as a snack made from rice flour and other ingredients that are formed by filters, then mixed with palm sugar and coconut milk (for beverage). There is a popular belief in Indonesia that the name "cendol" is related to, and originated from, the word jendol, in reference to the swollen green worm-like rice flour jelly.

Right now in Malaysia, Cendol is one of the famous deserts around. You can find Cendol stalls/vans on road sides. One of the best tasting cendols are made in Malacca. This is because of their rich and caramelized Palm Sugar, (Gula Melaka) mixed with creamy thick coconut milk.  


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