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Learn to Speak Malay

Bahasa Malaysia is a beautiful language. It is the most used language in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia. The Malay language is quite similar with Indonesian language because it comes from the same root.

Good Morning - Selamat Pagi
Good Afternoon - Selamat Petang
Good Evening - Selamat Tengah Hari
Good Night - Selamat Malam

Introducing yourself:
What is your name? - Apakah nama anda?
My name is John. - Nama saya John.
Where do you come from? - Anda berasal dari mana?

Thank You, Welcome & Sorry:
Thank you - Terima Kasih.
Welcome - Sama-sama.
I am sorry - Minta Maaf

Directions & Transportations:
Where? - Di mana?
From where? - Dari mana?
How? - Bagaimana?
Stop - Berhenti
Station - Stesen
Police - Polis
Airport - Lapangan terbang
Train - Keretapi
Boat - Bot
Kereta - Car
Texi - Teksi
Bus - Bas

How much for this?
Berapakah harga untuk ini?
Is this Malaysian made?
Adakah ini buatan Malaysia?
Can reduce the price?
Boleh Kurang harga?
Sorry, this is too expansive.
Maaf, ini terlalu mahal.

Conversing with locals:
Where are you from?
Anda dari mana?
I'm from Australia.
Saya berasal dari Australia?
How are you enjoying your vacation so far?
Bagaimana dengan percutian anda?
I love Malaysia. This is a great place.
Saya suka Malaysia. Tempat ini hebat.
Excuse me sir, what is the time now?
Maaf Encik, sekarang pukul berapa?

Remember to always smile when you speak!
It makes everything a lot more beautiful. 💖

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